The art of John Kingerlee

There is no limit to Kingerlee’s invention… He views the world as an exhaustible supply of raw material for his art. In truth, he is as much an alchemist as an artist… John Kingerlee’s art, more than a unique vision of nature, is a lone voice of responsibility in a world beset by consumption and exploitation… John Kingerlee may be to the twenty-first century what Turner … was to the nineteenth century and Cezanne … was to the twentieth.

Dr Edmund P. Pillsbury, from The Whole Planet is a Garden

The artist John Kingerlee has a touch and an eye whose terse, epigrammatic and contemplative work echoes some of the great modern artists of the past including Paul Klee, Mark Rothko, Jean Dubuffet, Asjer Jorn, even Jean Michel Basquiat. He addresses the invisible made visible through his work… It has been said that a great work of art gives off more heat than it consumes and Kingerlee’s vision is radiant and as warm as the human heart.

Dominique Nahas, Adjunct Associate Professor, Pratt Institue, New York