The Genius Of John Kingerlee

The Art of John Kingerlee

The current body of work consists of landscapes, collages, paintings with figures and animals, including a series of heads, and abstract grid paintings. The landscapes are painted in oils, which I prepare myself in the studio from the raw pigments supplied by Cornelissen’s of London. These works are built up in multiple layers and often worked on over many years, acquiring ever richer textures with the aid of the palette knife and stipplingwith the end of a hog’s hair paintbrush. They are landscapes, but they are also abstract pictures; you can see them as you wish.

Currently, I am in the process of developing a body of works that I call the SRIKS – a word derived from three  surnames- Schwitters, Rauschenberg and Kingerlee. I like to think of it in terms of a small family tree, a line of inheritance. The SRIKS are created using a lifetime’s random collection of memorabilia – old notes, old letters, old drawings etc. which I carried around for years, all of them now passing out of my life and into the world of pictures.

I hope my paintings, collages and drawings will be regarded as life-affirming by the people who see them. They inevitably reflect the various places where I have lived and worked. However, I hope my hard-won experience and yearsof struggle have developed over time into a perspective that is more universal.I would like my art to express, if possible, the greater Unity that binds allthings – organic and inorganic – together. In my life as an artist I feel thatany kind of ocular stimulation is a miracle to start with. To see anything is amiracle. Just to be here is a miracle. I’d like to communicate that to people.


Kingerlee has accumulated a huge amount of artwork of his many years as an Artist.

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There is no limit to Kingerlee’s invention… He views the world as an exhaustible supply of raw material for his art. In truth, he is as much an alchemist as an artist… John Kingerlee’s art, more than a unique vision of nature, is a lone voice of responsibility in a world beset by consumption and exploitation… John Kingerlee may be to the twenty-first century what Turner … was to the nineteenth century and Cezanne … was to the twentieth.